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2015 World AIDS Day Toolkit

World AIDS Day is commemorated each year on the 1st of December and is an opportunity for every community to unite in the fight against HIV, show support for people living with HIV and remember those who have passed away.
For World AIDS Day 2015 in South Africa, the core concept is to leverage the momentum and energy of local responses to HIV and TB and celebrate and acknowledge the vital role that communities have played towards achieving the long term vision of the National Strategic Plan on HIV, STIs and TB, 2012–2016 (NSP). This vision is ‘zero new HIV and TB infections; zero HIV and TB-related deaths; zero new infections due to vertical transmission and zero discrimination’
The slogan for World AIDS Day is: Towards an HIV-free generation, Rise.Act.Protect
This guide contains a listing of and advisories on all the products and tools contained in the 2015 World AIDS Day toolkit

1. Concept and Rationale

The concept and slogan for World AIDS 2015 contains messaging position statements that explain the strategic importance of the 2015 theme and the rationale for the 2015 slogan, concept, campaign and its objectives. It will be useful to you for press releases, presentations, speeches, interviews and other communications. Sample messages supporting the slogan, concept and campaign are provided in the concept and slogan presentation but a fuller list of messages to choose from for your communications is also provided. Together with the Open Files for Facebook and Twitter – which can also be used on
WhatsApp and WeChat – these messages and any other you wish to create, can be inserted onto the templates and used for World AIDS Day 2015 and Beyond.

icon The concept and rationale behind the slogan (Powerpoint) (11.36 MB)

icon World aids Day 2015 concept document (Word) (302.61 kB)

CI guideimg2. The Corporate Identity guide

This is a 47-PAGE PDF document with a set of guidelines to be used by you, your suppliers and any other third parties who will be involved in ensuring implementation across all print, clothing and media spaces for World AIDS Day 2015. The Corporate Identity guide is to ensure consistency and the correct application of every facet of all the collateral for the campaign. The four parts of the Corporate Identity guide are:

  1. Branded components
  2. Clothing items
  3. Print collateral
  4. Digital elements

icon CI guide (PDF) (6.86 MB)

World AIDS DAY 2015 - Community Champions

  • Lebogang Brenda Motsumi
    Lebogang Brenda Motsumi

    Ethiopia and the United States? Covered! Zambia and Zimbabwe? Pending! South Africa’s nine provinces? A few down and more to go!

    Lebogang Brenda Motsumi is a 26 year old go-getter. As a proudly South African motivational speaker who gets invited across the country and to different parts of the world, Lebo is uniquely vibrant, passionate and optimistic. She openly shares her HIV-positive status but is clear that she is no victim. Rather, she is master and commander of her fate. And she is the mother of little Meekah, who is HIV-negative.

    Lebo encourages everyone to reclaim control of their lives. She regularly uses her own story to help educate her audiences. Among her many areas of focus, Lebo voluntarily runs a support group at a hospital which she hopes will grow to accommodate more clients and patients, and she zealously promotes abstinence and defiance of peer pressure amongst young people. In the near future, she hopes to write a book that can be used in Life Skills courses, she wants to host story-sharing programs on television, and she is on a mission to produce an HIV and AIDS documentary.

  • Meza Weza
    Meza Weza

    Meza Weza is not only a man with one of the coolest names ever, he is also a man born to lead. After losing his brothers to an AIDS-related illness, Meza sprung into action to try and stop the spread of HIV in his community. Meza says people were dying and his acute senses of justice and responsibility, would not allow him to sit idly by.

    Meza bears all the burdens and enjoys a few of the privileges one would expect a community leader to shoulder. His calmness, conviction and love are there for all to see. As he earns a humble living as a farm worker, where he is also the Worker’s Representative, he also serves as a volunteer peer educator and change agent for the Centre for Positive Care. His work ethic and charisma make him ideal for his responsibilities at work and in his volunteering.

    Meza inspires people to change from bad behaviours and habits to good ones, and focuses on their lifestyle, health, treatments and communal co-existence. He does not take his volunteer duties lightly; “It is my duty to bring people to the light.” Meza says that being a peer educator and change agent makes it pivotal that he better himself since he must lead by both word and example. He is a humble man, believing he learns as much from the community as they do from him.


WAD FAimg3. Final Art

The Final Art is provided as a PDF document and as digital Open Files.

icon World AIDS Day 2015 Final Art

4. Templates


The Templates are provided as documents in Word, Powerpoint and JPEG files.

icon World AIDS Day 2015 Templates

5.  Toolkit Guide

The toolkit provides some champions for you to use and also shows you how to implement your own campaign. The guide provides useful advisories on some of the products featured.

icon Guide to the Products and Tools of the Toolkit (Powerpoint) (13.57 MB)


Share your tweets on World Aids Day using the twitter handle #RiseActProtect.